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Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats

Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats


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Reduce Noise and Vibration

The Nicoman Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats are designed to effectively reduce noise and vibration caused by household appliances, gym equipment, and laboratory machines. The mats are constructed with a special rubber material that can absorb and dampen vibrations, ensuring a quieter environment for you and your family.


- Reduces noise and vibration from appliances and equipment - Special rubber material absorbs and dampens vibrations


- Creates a quieter and more peaceful environment - Prevents damage to floors and other nearby objects caused by excessive vibrations]


Anti-Slip and Floor Protection

The Nicoman Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats have a compacted rubber material that provides excellent traction and stability. The anti-slip backing ensures that your appliances or equipment won't slide around on the floor, preventing scratches and other damage to floors.


- Compacted rubber material provides excellent traction and stability - Anti-slip backing ensures appliances won't slide around on the floor.


- Prevents damage to floors caused by appliances or equipment sliding around - Provides a safer environment by preventing slips and falls

Durable and Long-Lasting

Constructed with fluid and oil-resistant materials, the Nicoman Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats are built to last. They are also weather-resistant, anti-mildew, and anti-rot, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


- Fluid and oil-resistant materials for long-lasting use - Weather-resistant, anti-mildew, and anti-rot for outdoor use


- Provides long-lasting protection for your appliances and equipment - Can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings


Multi-Purpose Use

The Nicoman Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats are not just limited to washing machines. They can be used with dryers, refrigerators, treadmills, gym equipment, and other big and small appliance accessories. The versatility of these mats makes them an ideal solution for any household or gym setting.


- Can be used with a variety of household and gym equipment - Versatile design makes it suitable for many different settings


- Provides a single solution for reducing noise and vibration from multiple appliances and equipment - Saves time and money by not having to purchase separate mats for each piece of equipment

Safety Enhancing Mat

The soft granular rubber composition of the Nicoman Anti-Vibration (Noise Reducing) Rubber Mats not only reduces noise and vibration but also enhances safety in gym flooring and acts as an anti-fatigue mat in the workplace.


- Soft granular rubber composition enhances safety - Acts as an anti-fatigue mat in the workplace


- Provides a safer environment in gym settings - Reduces fatigue and discomfort in the workplace

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