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Heavy-Duty Duckboard Drainage Matt Rolls - 5M

Heavy-Duty Duckboard Drainage Matt Rolls - 5M


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Introducing Nicoman's PVC Duckboard Matting Rolls – the unrivalled choice for heavy-duty, water-resistant floor matting. Whether it's your boat deck, engine room, marina shower, or changing facility, our water-resistant PVC matting has you covered!

Nicoman's Heavy-Duty PVC Duckboard Matting comes in three colours – Grey, White and Black. Our non-slip shower mat is an essential item for your bathroom, providing safety as well as comfortable footing while showering. Our drainage slatted duckboard design makes this shower mat ideal for spas, swimming pools, bathrooms, wet rooms and sauna rooms.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these Duckboard Matting Rolls offer unparalleled flexibility and can be effortlessly rolled up for convenient storage. With exceptional reliability and longevity, rest assured that you won't need replacements anytime soon. Elevate your environment with Nicoman's superior quality and durability.

Roll Size - 61cm wide x 5m long

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing the Nicoman Shower Mat:


  • Provides safety and comfort while showering
  • Prevents slips and falls in the bathtub or shower
  • Ideal for use in bathrooms, spas, swimming pools, and sauna rooms
  • Quick to dry, making it easy to store and use
  • Textured surface design provides excellent anti-skid performance for a safe and comfortable footing
  • Drainage gap design enables quick water drainage for maximum convenience
  • Attractive, stripe design adds a stylish look to your bathroom décor
  • Made of high-quality plastic for long-lasting durability


  • Stripe Design - Our shower mat boasts a well-made and sturdy stripe design that not only adds a stylish look to your bathroom but also provides safety. The striped design increases the friction under your foot, playing the role of a non-slip mat effectively.
  • Drainage Gap Design - The drainage gap design enables quick water drainage, making it easy to roll up and store when not in use.
  • Textured Surface Design - Our textured surface design is anti-skid and provides a safe and comfortable footing to protect you from hazardous falls.
  • Quick to Dry - The Nicoman shower mat is designed to dry quickly, and you can conveniently stand it up on its side to drain and dry easily in your bathroom.
  • Dimensions - Our shower mat measures 61cm x 43cm and is a perfect fit for most standard bathtubs and shower spaces.
  • Colours available - Choose from a variety of six beautiful colours, including Black, Grey, Brown, Beige, White, and Wood Effect.
  • Material - Made of high-quality plastic, the Nicoman shower mat is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Upgrade your bathroom's safety and style with the Nicoman Shower Mat and enjoy your shower time with peace of mind.

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