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Anti slip Spaghetti 8mm Matt - 12m Roll

Anti slip Spaghetti 8mm Matt - 12m Roll


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Nicoman Spaghetti Comfort features a soft vinyl loop construction, expertly bonded to create an open, free-draining structure. This design not only ensures ultimate barefoot comfort but also provides effective anti-slip protection. The seamless pattern allows for easy customization to fit any shape or accommodate obstructions like pool handrails. The mat is reversible and effortlessly easy to clean.

Width - 1.2m
Length Length - 12m

  • Can be tailored to fit any shape and navigate obstacles such as pool handrails
  • Soft vinyl loops for barefoot comfort
  • Overall height: 8mm
  • Self-draining design ensures a clear surface from dirt and water
  • Heavy-duty durable PVC looped construction for maximum resistance to wear and tear
  • Anti-slip, free-draining matting, ideal for safety in wet areas
  • Explore comfort, safety, and durability with Nicoman Spaghetti Comfort
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